Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is saltwater aquaria hard to maintain?
A: Maintaining a saltwater aquarium is not difficult. The key to success is researching to gain an understanding of saltwater chemistry, requirements of species to be kept, and planning the aquarium and required equipment in advance.

Q: What aquarium should I buy?
A: When planning an aquarium purchase, here are a few things to consider:

  • Space: Not only do you want enough space for the aquarium itself, but you should have enough space around the aquarium to make maintenance easy.
  • Type: What type of system would you like to have? Fish only or both corals and fish?
  • Species: What equipment is required for the species you would like keep? Example: Do they require high intensity lighting or a skimmer? Does the species grow large requiring a large aquarium?
  • Support: Will the floor support the weight of the aquarium?

Q: How much time does it take to maintain a saltwater aquarium?
A: The time it takes for regular maintenance will vary by system; systems having dosers, reactors and protein skimmers will decrease maintenance time.  Generally, maintenance will only take an hour or two a week. Oftentimes a hobbyist will look for ways to spend more time "puttering" around their aquarium.

Q: Where can I research species requirements?
A: Visit our store and one of our specialists would be happy to assist you.

Q: I purchased a fish from your store and it's not getting along with one in my aquarium; can I return it?
A: Livestock cannot be returned for incompatibility issues.  Always research your livestock requirements and compatibility with us before making a purchase.

Q: My fish has been acting strange and I think something is wrong.  What should I do?
A: Here are some things to consider when a fish isn't acting normal:

  • Are you meeting the requirements/needs for that species of fish?
  • Check your water parameters; if they aren't ideal, make any necessary adjustments.  
  • Is the new fish being bothered by other fish?  If so, move try moving the offending fish out of the aquarium for a few hours and then placing back in the aquarium "time-out". If that doesn't work, one of the two fish will need to be permanently and placed into a different aquarium.
  • Does it look sick?  Research the symptoms the fish is presenting and act accordingly with recommended treatments. Some treatments cannot be used in an aquarium containing invertebrates; always check before dosing.

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